Playwright FAQs

How can Script Match be free?

Script Match makes revenue from advertisements and from offering premium memberships for advanced features. But anyone can submit a script to the catalog and access basic search features for no charge. That’s right, free. You’re welcome.

What makes Script Match different from other searchable script databases?

Frankly, ours is better. While there are other databases out there, they are not suited for finding a script that matches your precise needs. We like to think of ourselves as a dating website. A user describes exactly what he is looking for and we find him a compatible match! For example, an actor can say “Find me a musical with a character that is in his 30s, baritone vocal range, Hispanic, can be described as funny and nerdy, and the show must be family friendly.” And we will say “Here is a list of scripts that have exactly what you are looking for!” How cool is that?

Does my script get uploaded?

No. We do not allow for a script to be uploaded. Our catalog contains a lot of information about the play or musical, but not the script itself. If a user wants to access the full script, he must purchase it or request a copy directly from the playwright.

Can I submit published work?

Yes! When another user looks up your play in our online catalog, she will be linked directly to your publisher’s website where your play can be purchased. Our goal is to increase sales of your published play.

Can I submit unpublished work?

Yes! If a user looks up your play on Script Match and wants to read or produce it, she will be able to contact you through our website.

Can I remove or edit my script from Script Match after it has been submitted?

Of course. At any time you can remove your script from our catalog and all information connected to that script will be deleted. As if it never existed. How sad :(

Why are the search features not yet available?

We are currently building up our catalog of scripts through our online submission form. Once the catalog is large enough, we will release the search features. So submit your work and encourage your colleagues to do the same. The sooner we fill it up, the sooner you will reap the rewards!