The Middleman

By MarlinThomas | Playwright
Genre Drama
Type Play
Subgenre Tragedy
Time Period 1911-1960
Male Actors 4
Female Actors 1
Undefined Actors 0
Length Full Length
Set Complexity basic


Near the end of the Second World War, an officer in British intelligence and a Jewish insurgent from Palestine seek the help of a pawn broker in Zurich to exchange weapons and money. They return a year later to redeem themselves for the tragedies brought about by the first meeting.



Gender female
Age 25 - 35 years
Vocal Range not applicable
Ethnicity Caucasian
Body Type Any
Personality Guarded Independent

Description Negotiator. Early 30’s. Her voice is soft but resolute. She has a quiet innocence. Her physical frailty contrasts with an inner-determination. She is fair and light haired. In Scene 3, she seems much older than she is. Her face is lined and worn. She has an air of disillusionment and betrayal. Spouse of AVRAM.

Special Considerations

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