Bonds and Brothers

Genre Drama
Type Play
Subgenre Mystery/Horror/Thriller
Time Period Present-Future
Male Actors 0
Female Actors 0
Undefined Actors 0
Length Full Length
Set Complexity intermediate


The play explorers the reasoning behind goals that we set for ourselves and ask if it is really worth pursuing. Centered around the eldest of three bothers we see how a prize desired by many can command our actions and questions how far we are willing to go to win. These questions come from a detective who is investigating an attempted murder. We follow the interactions between the female detective and the eldest brother as she attempts to find the would-be murder and he attempt to prove his innocence. Through this journey we discover the brother’s motivations and even question how far he is willing to go to obtain his goals. Though the play is centered around these two characters and solving the mystery presented it is not the main theme. The play is meant to ask the audience a simple yet, rarely asked question… we can spend our whole lives pursing wealth, fame and fortune yet is it worth us pursing? Should we continue to pursue what we think will make us happy instead of pursing what actually makes us happy?


Henry Lawson

Gender male
Age 30 - 40 years
Vocal Range not applicable
Ethnicity Any
Body Type Slender
Personality Brooding Confident Intelligent

Description A tall Business man in his early 30’s he is the first born son of Calvin Lawson by his first marriage. Since his mother left Henry has been shunned by his father and spends every waking hour trying to prove to his father that he is worthy of his attention. Although cold and at times ruthless Henry does care about his family and would do anything to protect them, even when it seems he can’t stand them.

Special Considerations

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